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About 5ESC

Meet Coach Erik Bertheussen, the driving force behind Five Elements Sports Coaching ( 5ESC ), where passion for running meets strength and conditioning. With years of experience and a dedication to excellence, Coach Erik is committed to helping athletes of all levels and all sports unlock their full potential and achieve their goals.


5ESC is divided into:

  • Five Elements Speed Coaching, witch tailor-makes training programs for athletes who would like to run faster. This might be 100m on the track or marathon, even on the pitch or on the court.

  • Five Elements Soccer Coaching is the longest lasting segment, which has evolved into individual off-season training support for high-level footballers.

  • Five Elements Sports Coaching which is for all clients whatever background they come from. We specialise in foot strength, balance, mobility, and power through your specific movement pattern.

  • Five Elements Sports Massage is the newest branch and is a useful treatment that can be combined in a holistic way together with the training programs/approaches.


About Coach Erik:


Coach Erik Bertheussen is not your average running coach or PT. With a background in competitive distance running and a deep understanding of training methodologies, Coach Erik brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. His journey in the running world has taken him from the running tracks of Norway to coaching athletes around the globe, honing his skills and refining his approach along the way.


He also brings in experience as an FA qualified football coach and have coached both at a team and individual level, ranging from grassroot to women’s premier league.


As part of his continuous desire to learn and develop, Coach Erik’s background reflects a wide range of experiences and qualifications. In addition to being a qualified Athletics coach, PT and football coach, he is also a Sports Massage and Raynor Massage therapist and have background from martial arts as Wing-Tsun Kung-Fu Technician and qualified instructor. He has also worked in the sports industry over a decade, giving him a unique view on sports equipment and sports shoes in particular.




At Five Elements Sports Coaching, Coach Erik believes in a holistic approach to running. It's not just about logging miles or chasing personal bests; it's about nurturing the mind, body, and spirit to achieve balance and harmony in every stride. By blending scientific training principles with intuitive coaching techniques, following the Norwegian training model (used by the Ingebrigtsen brothers and other top athletes) Coach Erik empowers runners to tap into their innate potential and embrace the joy of running.


This holistic approach does not only apply to running, but can be transferred to other sports, general fitness, and injury prevention. The beauty of the philosophy is both the simplicity and effectiveness of the core principles, which can be applied across different training programs using the right approach, expertise and understanding of what the client wants and needs.

Sports Massage Services

The complete body treatment of a Level 3 PT and Level 3 Raynor massage therapist is a unique experience, but adding decades of Wing Tsun Kung-fu and years of experience within multiple sports like running, cycling, swimming, and football gives Erik Bertheussen the tools to not just relieve you from pain but making you achieve greater things. In his private studio, Erik works with a wide range of clients, from top athletes to seniors, covering rehabilitation, Sports massage, Raynor massage, Relaxing massage, and Stretchology.


I have nothing but amazing things to say about Erik at 5ESC. My knee never recovered well after an ACL and meniscus reconstruction so I struggled to do the most basic of physical activities. At 42 I was unable to go for long hikes, runs or skiing anymore. I had almost given up on a healthy active life. But I gave 5ESC a chance, one last try at getting my knee back to normal. BEST DECISION EVER! We didn't know what was wrong with my knee but Erik planned to get me running again within 8 weeks. And he delivered. A combination of weekly deep tissue massages and training sessions and I am now able to run, jump and go for long hikes again. He's given my life back, and taught me so much about feet health, about biomechanics, and how to listen and understand my body. He's given me the tools for a long healthy lifestyle. He's better than any physio and personal trainer I have ever worked with. His knowledge, skill and professionalism if off the scale. I would give him a million stars if I could. Note: Massages are painful, as all deep tissue massages should be, but believe me, they are key to full recovery. Highly recommend his services. Book now!

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