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  • £50 for single sessions £350 for 10 sessions

    1 hr
    50 British pounds
  • £50 for one session 10 sessions for £350

    1 hr
    50 British pounds
  • £50 for one session 10 sessions for £350

    1 hr
    50 British pounds
  • £30 per player

    1 hr
    60 British pounds

About 5ES Coaching

A different approach to football coaching

Coach-Erik Bertheussen is a Norwegian national who has spent his last 8 years in the UK and US. He holds Level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate and FA Level 2 coach qualification, with plans to take the UEFA B licence next. He brings a different approach to football coaching, by building on his diverse background both from business and sports, ranging from the army, via managerial positions in sport retail to being a Martial Art instructor. This, combined with the holistic thinking behind The Five Element Philosophy, equips him with the right tools to address the individual player’s needs.

Sports Massage Services

The complete body treatment of a Level 3 PT and Level 3 Raynor massage therapist is a unique experience, but adding decades of Wing Tsun Kung-fu and years of experience within multiple sports like running, cycling, swimming, and football gives Erik Bertheussen the tools to not just relieve you from pain but making you achieve greater things. In his private studio, Erik works with a wide range of clients, from top athletes to seniors, covering rehabilitation, Sports massage, Raynor massage, Relaxing massage, and Stretchology.




Christian Price

Carmen always looks forward to training with Erik, sessions are inventive, unique and quite different to the usual formats you get used to.

I am positive Carmen will continue to develop working with Coach-Erik and most importantly continue to really enjoy the process.

AFC Wimbledon, parent.

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