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I have nothing but amazing things to say about Erik at 5ESC. My knee never recovered well after an ACL and meniscus reconstruction so I struggled to do the most basic of physical activities. At 42 I was unable to go for long hikes, runs or skiing anymore. I had almost given up on a healthy active life. But I gave 5ESC a chance, one last try at getting my knee back to normal. BEST DECISION EVER! We didn't know what was wrong with my knee but Erik planned to get me running again within 8 weeks. And he delivered. A combination of weekly deep tissue massages and training sessions and I am now able to run, jump and go for long hikes again. He's given my life back, and taught me so much about feet health, about biomechanics, and how to listen and understand my body. He's given me the tools for a long healthy lifestyle. He's better than any physio and personal trainer I have ever worked with. His knowledge, skill and professionalism if off the scale. I would give him a million stars if I could. Note: Massages are painful, as all deep tissue massages should be, but believe me, they are key to full recovery. Highly recommend his services. Book now!

Christian Price

Carmen always looks forward to training with Erik, sessions are inventive, unique and quite different to the usual formats you get used to.

I am positive Carmen will continue to develop working with Coach-Erik and most importantly continue to really enjoy the process.


AFC Wimbledon, parent. 

Mr. J J

Coach-Erik is a dream coach for a young football player like Yzzy. He mixed training with fun, systematic and tactical drills to improve not only skills, strength, stamina, stamina but also her awareness and football brain.

I have noticed a massive improvement on Yzzy's skills, focus and metal attitude since she started training with Coach-Erik.

Thank you very much.

Crystal Palace, parent

Lisa Kitchener

My son Alfie attends weekly 1-2-1 and group sessions with Erik. He is very pleased with the level of the training. His balance and coordination have improved in just a few weeks.

I would definitely recommend Coach-Erik.

Wandgas FC, Parent.

Rob Large

Both my kids have been attending sessions with Erik, 1-2-1 and group sessions. The 1-2-1s have been perfectly tailored to suit the needs of mt cricket son and goalkeeper daughter. They have both benefited massively from the careful planning Erik puts into each session.

I have noticed a big improvement in core strength, coordination and balance in both of them.

The group sessions my daughter has attended have been great fun and I have seen her fitness improve week by week.

I would highly recommend 5ESC and Coach-Erik.


AFC Wimbledon, Cheam Cricket Club, parent.

Erik is an excellent trainer, patient and calm, concentrating on improving my balance, strength and mobility and at all times stressing the importance of engaging my core. Everything he teaches me is appropriate for my age (80) and he gives me confidence to push myself out of my comfort zone. I particularly appreciate his explanation of the reasons behind the work he gets me to do. Apart from his deep knowledge and expertise he is delightful company and he ensures that my training sessions are thoroughly enjoyable. I recommend Erik highly.g 1

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